CHRSTNS presents a spiritual and mythical world that invites us to explore the depths of our emotional connections and celebrate them through mesmerizing jewelry sculptures. These intricate pieces are not only aesthetically inspiring but also convey a timeless message of love, connection, and bond that surpasses mere words.

The jewelry designs of CHRSTNS utilize a hidden symbolism, much like the inner beauty and spirit that resides within us. The pieces conceal precious stones and incorporate hidden stairs and spaces that imbue the jewelry with life and energy. Each piece is unique, and with the choice of personal stones, the wearer can express their individuality and celebrate their relationships in a deeply meaningful way.

Steffie Christiaens, the founder and creative director of CHRSTNS, has conducted extensive research on human relationships and cultural heritage, going beyond the confines of fashion. Her experiences living among the dreamweavers of a remote Southeast Asian tribe, along with her travels to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Lebanon, have inspired her to create limited edition jewelry pieces that are infused with soul.

CHRSTNS places a strong emphasis on the craft of jewelry-making and its impact on human relationships. This is reflected in Steffie's commitment to craftsmanship and the recycling of gold. She works closely with small workshops and skilled craftsmen, to experiment with unusual cuts and forms, while staying grounded in the fine jewelry tradition. Her contemporary and provocative designs carry a nostalgic charm that evokes the desire for escapism and travel.

Each piece of CHRSTNS jewelry is created with love and care, using carefully-sourced diamonds, rough diamonds, opals, rubies, emeralds, spinels, sapphires, and recycled gold. The brand's jewelry is intended to be passed down through generations, as it captures the essence of unexpected and modest sculptures.