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Summer 18 - simoveme campaign



prefix: co-

1. joint; mutual; common.

Sea True/Arrivals is a contemporary, ethical/concious and luxury Ready-to-Wear fashion brand providing modern designs establishedthrough a perfect balance between innovation and ancestral. Each collection can be seen as migratory birds: free, intellectual, global and modern, with a wink to the past.

The designs maintain the architectural and contemporary signature of the designer Steffie Christiaens, and at the same time have a strong emotional relation to specific heritage techniques and savoir-faire traditions that remained conserved in emerging countries.

The power of the pure and modern lines of Steffie Christiaens, enhanced by the tradition, hand-woven and craft techniques of artisans, creates the uniqueness of each piece/ creation;



research laboratory

From the inspiration of the collection, coming from all universe elements, to the finalproduct, we want to reflect the journey that the garment undergoes when it becomes alive. Each design starts from draping, a research on how the body will assemble the dialogue with the shape, the colour, the fabric and the movement of the body. Then comes the research of unique techniques and fabrics through travels.

The audacious journey of each garment, the humanity, the creativity, the culture, the collaboration with scaled people, the passion and the sweat, fascinates us. And the making of the garments, bags and accessories is the result of this impressive journey.

We want to capture imaginations at each step of this journey and instil in the brand the kind of passion that never goes out of style.



Public speech

People/Women empowerment, humanity, heritage and a cycle system of the raw materials are at the essence of the re-launch of the label.

Sea True combines the heritage of Couture and the unique know-how of isolated artisans to produce socially responsible products. Upcoming collaborations, combining different arts and souls, will reflect our willingness to give a sustainable and positive social impact through luxury.

We believe that something strong, positive and beautiful can be achieved; a story of people, a story of life, the kind of sparkle that enlighten a vision. That is why See true/Arrivals is a mosaic of cultures, a place where globalisation enrich people instead of standardize them, an experiment towards a boundary breaking fashion!